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About us

Home4Life is a real estate buying and selling company, specialized in architecture and construction management. From restoration works to construction from scratch, exterior or interior arrangements, as our slogan says – we bring to life your “Home à lá Carte”.

Home4Life is mainly focused on building not just a beautiful house, but particularly a functional warm home. We are a mindful team of experts who is always aware of the market, constantly finding ways to improve ourselves and to amaze our clients. Professionalism is our way of walking towards the customer’s destiny. We are here to listen to your wishes and respect your priorities and tastes, and together, we are building the best.

This company was built in 2014 by experienced professionals who have been in the field for more than 30 years. We truly are passionate about what we do and that is being returned as our company grows and evolves, day by day. Our compromise emphases on delivery quickness, always caring about a great service, with plenty of dialogue, in order to acquire deserved trust and respect. We also work within the budget previously established and perform all kinds of construction works.

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Why should you choose us?

We are passionate about what we do

Home4Life is a relatively recent and small company, however, we have proven ourselves and our customers that when in comes to construction and refurbishment, we are big workers with great ambition. We assure that all projects are elaborated with passion and dedication. Our equipment is modern and the technology we work with allows us to put your ideas into practice, rapidly and with the help of our finest experts.
The planning process of the works and specialties is also fundamental, so that the construction continues at a good pace.

Respect and communication

In our company, we look for different ways of managing a construction, in order to find a solution that suits you. We offer architectural and construction services to build a house that collects what you love and literally converts your thoughts into reality.
Communication is fundamental throughout the whole process. We always value a fluent and continuous dialogue with the customer so that together we can create the ideal house. Our dedication is immense, and we are always looking forward to meet the client’s requirements in terms of services and effective costs.


We work with integrity; truthful communication is key to take action accordingly to the customer’s wishes. With dozens of successful projects, Home4Life is indeed a credible corporation that you can trust.


From scratching some ideas on paper, until the end of your home’s construction, we make sure your dreams and wishes are fulfilled. Modern or classic, your ideas will be our priority and made by the innovative technology we have to offer, always accordingly to stipulated schedules.

Energy Performance

A house with good energy performance is great for your budget, for your health, but also for the planet. The ecological impact must be reduced and because we are aware its consequences, we have chosen to appropriate materials and techniques.